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Scott Kauffman is an award-winning career journalist and full-service real estate broker recognized as the leading expert on global golf course business, private clubs and luxury active-adult/resort-style real estate. 

Kauffman's growing Orlando-based Luxury Golf & Resort Living Inc. Network is powered by numerous digital channels -;;; - and provides trusted industry insight, research, business news and content marketing support to many leading developers, builders and brokers in the business.

Orlando-based Scott Kauffman is considered an authority on golf course, private club and resort-style real estate worldwide. The University of Hawaii graduate has more than 25 years of national media experience, including full-time positions with USA Today, Orlando Sentinel and Golfweek, and maintains an independent licensed Florida real estate brokerage firm.


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 Riding a golf cart on a beautiful afternoon in Central Florida, a wise and successful gentleman once told founder Scott Kauffman find something you love and you  will "never work a day in your life."  Those words describe Kauffman's life on the links to a 'tee.' 

Indeed, in a 30-year professional journalism career that began as a sport reporter in Hawaii, Kauffman's passion for storytelling and penchant to help people have helped him evolve into the leading authority on golf course real estate and luxury resort-style development worldwide over the last 17 years.


Kauffman's media and marketing background is wide-reaching, featuring decades of full-time newspaper, magazine, broadcast and public relations experience and more than $90 million in commercial/residential real estate sales as a licensed Florida real estate broker since 2006.

Kauffman got his sports journalism career started in the mid-to-late 1980s, when he was hired as a reporter for the Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu Star-Bulletin and Associated Press as a college student at the University of Hawaii. After graduating from UH, Kauffman got his first big break on the Mainland as a Staff Writer/Editor for USA TODAY. 


Then, Kauffman worked for the Orlando Sentinel and The Golfweek Group in Orlando from 1990-2004, before starting his own real estate brokerage and marketing companies, Aloha Realty Group LLC and Aloha Media Group LLC, to focus on the high-end leisure real estate development and sales industry. 

Kauffman maintains an active pulse on the global real estate markets as a long-time licensed Florida real estate agent and has an independent commercial real estate firm ( The avid golfer and global traveler grew up in Taiwan and Hawaii and speaks Mandarin Chinese. Kauffman is married with two daughters, and can be reached by emailing:

Based in the Orlando, Fla., area, the University of Hawaii graduate has written for more than 50 national golf, real estate and luxury lifestyle publications in his award-winning journalism career, including Links, Robb Report Vacation Homes and Robb Report Collection, Golf Connoisseur, Nicklaus and Gary Player magazines, Executive Golfer, Private Air, Unique Homes, Luxury Living, Florida Travel & Life, Ocean Home and Estates West.

Kauffman also has co-authored several golf-related books and collaborated on media and marketing projects with many high-profile golf and real estate clients such as Bella Collina, Tavistock Group, Stockworth Realty, The Worthington Group, Bonita Bay Group, Integrity Golf Company, Marriott Golf, Crosby Golf and the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.

Currently, Kauffman is one of the founding members of,  the largest network of golf and travel journalists, senior columnist for the and senior writer/editor for national publications such as Troon Golf & Travel, Golf Inc., and Hotel


Kauffman is recognized as an industry expert, having been quoted in Smart Money magazine, USA Today and the San Jose Mercury News to name a few outlets (see attached Smart Money, USA Today and San Jose Mercury News links below).

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